Construction Management

Construction Management

JPS Industries & Constructions LLC’s management team serves as your day-to-day manager of the construction project so you can focus on your core business. JPS Industries & Constructions LLC works with all forms of construction management contracts.  There are two main types of construction management contracts, CM Agency and CM at Risk.

If using the CM Agency form, the construction manager would take the form of a consultant guiding the project for the owner. Any delivery system can be used with CM Agency,  but mulit-prime is the most common.  This means the owner would contract directly with all subcontractors including architects.


The CM at Risk form usually has a commitment from the construction manager to deliver the project within a specified Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).  The construction manager in this form also acts as a consultant to the project owner,  and all subcontractors  would contract directly with the construction manager.  In this method the architect contracts directly with the project owner.


Our staff will manage the following responsibilities on your projects:  project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, safety management, and overall project management responsibilities.  Our skilled construction team has the experience and resources to manage all aspects of your project from design to commissioning.